Fixed Commercial Electricity Rates Offer Peace of Mind

As a leading provider of electricity among Fortune 100 companies, Constellation is well-positioned to provide electricity for small businesses across the United States.

Our fixed price electricity solution helps small businesses manage their energy costs. With a fixed price plan you can lock-in price certainty for the selected term. This allows you to budget with confidence.

Choosing Constellation for Your Small Business Electricity Needs

Energy choice enables small businesses in markets across the country to secure competitive pricing for their electricity. When you choose Constellation for your business electricity needs, you gain greater price protection, while still receiving service from your local utility.


How Does it Work?

Thanks to the competitive marketplace, customers across the nation have the opportunity to “shop around” for their electricity, ensuring they get the best price while continuing to rely on their local utilities for service. By making the switch to Constellation, you will enjoy:

  • No transfer fees from Constellation
  • No installation of extra equipment is needed for most customers
  • A seamless transition - We will coordinate the switch with your local utility

Your local utility will still service your lines, check your meter and respond to emergencies. The only difference is that you will receive greater price protection thanks to the wholesale buying power of a large national company like Constellation.

Switching to Constellation is simple and only takes a few minutes. You can view pricing online or call us at 855-585-3935 to learn how Constellation can help your small business.