Digitally Transform Your Business’s Utility Operations

Understanding your utility bills can be time-consuming, costly, and challenging. The Constellation Navigator Utility Bill Management Platform (UBM) gives you the power to take control and turn your utility data into one of your most valuable assets, proactively manage utility costs, understand trends, and develop strategies to optimize spend across the entire billing and payment lifecycle. 

The UBM Platform can also help generate energy insights by enabling you to:

  • Streamline and reduce operating costs with aggregated utility usage and spend data.
  • Combine bill data across multiple utility providers into a common format and standardized categories for simpler analysis of charges and usage values through automated data ingestion.
  • Ask direct questions based on your data. No need for specialized training or waiting to have customized reports created. The UBM Platform provides a genuinely intuitive user experience and sophisticated energy intelligence.
  • Create an all-encompassing utility expense profile from your utility bill data across all locations in one place. Capture every line item and description to build comprehensive secure online views of your data.
  • Generate powerful and detailed reports and analytics that allow you to see energy data by line item, meter, location and/or cluster of locations to detect errors, highlight areas for improvement, and easily benchmark your buildings.
  • Identify anomalies, deliver actionable insights, and model predictive behaviors through the platform.
  • Capture high quality and detailed data and enable data analysis on a granular level, allowing for the creation of customized reports. 
  • Make secure payments through Bill Pay with automated, accurate record keeping. 

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Achieve Your Sustainability Targets:  

With our broad array of innovative clean energy solutions, Constellation can help you achieve your carbon reduction goals at each step of your journey. Work with our energy professionals to develop the right solutions for your business. Put your strategy into action.