Implement Energy Efficiency Upgrades at no Upfront Cost

For most businesses, energy is one of the top five expenses affecting bottom lines. It can be challenging to effectively manage usage, identify the right efficiency upgrades, and find the best payment structure for executing projects in a way that will help your business achieve its energy goals. Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy® (EME) program helps customers to identify, implement, and fund efficiency improvements that can help reduce energy costs, modernize facilities, and meet sustainability goals. 

Since being established in 2011, the EME program has helped to fund over $350 million in energy efficiency projects for more than 1,100 customers. How can EME work for your business?

This unique award-winning solution provides an opportunity to pay for energy conservation measures – with no upfront capital – through monthly charges that appear on your power or natural gas supply bill from Constellation. You can realize cost savings through a reduction in consumption and an improved load profile, which will positively impact future energy costs and your environmental goals.

How it works (efficiency made easy)

Program Benefits

  • No upfront capital, flexible contract terms (typically 36 to 60-months)—preserve your capital budget while reducing your carbon footprint with lower usage. 
  • Included on your Constellation power or natural gas bill—the cost of efficiency upgrades will appear as a separate line item on your energy bill. 
  • Cost savings through reduced energy consumption and maintenance—load profile improvements become effective immediately upon installation of efficiency measures. 
  • Ability to install energy solutions today rather than wait for available capital—if a customer is currently under contract with another competitive power or gas supplier.
  • Improve the environment, health, and safety (EHS) of your facility 
  • Staying on the forefront of efficiency and technology—tracking and leveraging your energy data can be challenging, but Constellation makes it simple. Leveraging our Utilities Management Platform, designed to help you understand and manage solutions with your energy footprint.


Achieve Your Sustainability Targets

With our broad array of innovative clean energy solutions, Constellation can help you achieve your carbon reduction goals at each step of your journey. Work with our energy professionals to develop the right solutions for your business. Put your strategy into action.