Sustainable Natural Gas Procurement Can Be an Important Tool for Your Energy Mix

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

RNG is pipeline-quality natural gas derived from organic matter decomposition, known as biogas. Raw biogas is produced in various locations, including landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and agricultural waste digesters. After being purified, RNG is injected into an interstate pipeline and used like regular natural gas. 

The purchase of RNG may reduce your Scope 1 carbon emissions. RNG can be combined with your natural gas consumption to allow you to make renewable energy claims related to natural gas use. RNG can also be used for on-site power consumption or even to power fleet vehicles. Specific sustainability claims and emission reduction levels will depend upon the use of natural gas and GHG emission reporting standards.

RNG Program Benefits

  • Renewable energy claims for natural gas end-use in conjunction with RNG production 
  • Achieve sustainability and decarbonization goals while lowering Scope 1 emissions
  • No facility or equipment modifications are required
  • RNG can provide economic benefits when combined with other natural gas end-uses, such as RECs for power generation and transportation fuel

How it Works

RNG: How it works

Achieve Your Sustainability Targets

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