Offsite Renewables Energy Supply

Reducing your Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions associated with electric supply is a key element to achieving your sustainability goals.1 As you make the transition to 100% carbon-free electric supply, you may look to long-term renewable purchases that support development of new renewable energy projects. 

Constellation’s offsite renewables product (CORe) suite connects you to the economic and sustainability benefits of large-scale, offsite renewable energy projects. By combining location-specific renewable energy purchases and renewable energy certificates (RECs) with a physical load-following energy supply contract, you have the flexibility to size, select, and buy renewable energy from utility-scale projects, similar to how you purchase standard electric supply today. 

“We need to help our customers eliminate emissions if we are going to truly lead the transition to clean energy.”

Jim McHugh, Chief Commercial Officer, Constellation.

Leverage Constellation’s Experience in Project Selection and Analysis

Constellation brings years of experience in selecting, negotiating, and managing physical power purchasing agreements (PPAs) for our portfolio, our customers, and a leading physical player in the wholesale electricity market. 

We are searching for the best renewable projects to support our customer-facing products. The Constellation team works to identify viable solar and wind renewable energy projects based on a combination of requirements:

  • Pricing
  • Developer
  • Development status
  • Commercial operation date

Our team finds the best projects for you and is not just recommending projects in our development pipeline. Additionally, Constellation can help you conduct a project search RFP or discuss customer-selected renewable energy projects.

Flexible Renewable Product Options

Our suite of Constellation Offsite Renewables (CORe) products provides you access to projects with several options to reduce their risk and meet sustainability goals.


Constellation’s flagship offsite renewable product offers customers access to new-build renewable energy projects and RECs through a physical, retail electric supply agreement.  Constellation enters into a wholesale PPA and actively manages this physical electricity purchase, providing a seamless retail supply and renewable energy agreement. With Constellation responsible for the PPA, you can contract for project-specific renewable energy through simplified retail agreements, similar to how you buy electricity today.


Access existing offsite renewable projects through a retail power contract. This CORe product combines location-specific renewable energy purchases and RECs from an existing renewable asset in a physical load-following energy supply contract, allowing you to quickly size, select and procure renewable energy, just like they do for conventional electric supply.

How CORe Works

Key Benefits of CORe+

  • Constellation negotiates and enters into the Wholesale PPA for the new build renewable project           
  • RECs are retired by Constellation          
  • You sign a simplified retail agreement
  • Load following retail price eliminates fixed-for-floating settlement risk
  • You are supplied electricity from Constellation, including applicable transmission, ancillary services and other non-distribution costs as required for generation. We offer the flexibility of passing through certain pricing components at your election.*
  • Manage your budget with a single fixed price for renewable supply for every spin of your meter. 

If you are looking to manage overall cost, but still support new renewable energy projects, Constellation also provides the option to substitute national Green-e® Energy certified RECs for project RECs for certain fixed price periods.

* See contract for full terms and conditions

A Proven Track Record

Since 2018 Constellation has matched customers with renewable energy projects to meet their carbon reduction goals. 

Show your customers, shareholders, communities, and employees your commitment to renewable energy through the purchase of electricity and RECs from a regional clean energy generation facility – all as part of your retail supply contract.

Customer Stories

Achieve Your Sustainability Targets

With our broad array of innovative clean energy solutions, Constellation can help you achieve your carbon reduction goals at each step of your journey. Work with our energy professionals to develop the right solutions for your business. Put your strategy into action.

1 Based on current World Resources Institute (WRI) guidance. Scope 2 reporting claims of this product may be affected by future changes.