Bottom Line Benefits with Strategic Energy Procurement

Constellation’s integrated electricity and natural gas procurement strategies are designed to help you in how you buy, manage, and use energy within your company size, scope and budget.


Constellation, as a leading retail electricity provider serving all competitive energy markets in the United States, including more than 55 electricity distribution companies (EDCs), simplifies the process from start to finish. Constellation's insights, market knowledge, and tools can help you simplify and manage your energy purchasing. Explore bottom line benefits with strategic energy procurement and product solutions


Electricity Purchasing Strategies

Energy costs are affected by factors that you can’t control, like the weather, economy, and fluctuations in energy markets. Customers can manage their cost of electricity in a number of ways, including how and when they buy, participating in voluntary reduction programs and investing in energy efficiency projects. Explore purchasing strategies.

Natural Gas

Constellation delivers 1.6 billion dekatherms of natural gas annually. When you need natural gas purchasing options, energy market expertise, and a personalized plan for your business, Constellation is your go-to competitive energy provider. Constellation streamlines the process by offering options based on budget and business goals. Explore natural gas product solutions and resources


Natural Gas Purchasing Strategies

Energy prices can weigh down any company's bottom line, but they also present a chance to get a handle on risk and establish some predictability in the books. Energy can be purchased using either a rigid, risk-mitigating "point in time" pricing method or a more dynamic, fluctuating "forward" pricing structure. Learn how to tailor a plan to the specifics of your company for the best results. Explore purchasing strategies.

Operating across all competitive markets

Competitive markets drive choice, innovation, savings, and environmental sustainability. Constellation is leading energy industry advocates for competition in the U.S. power and natural gas sectors; We believe that the demand for and supply of energy are best determined through fair and competitive markets. Learn more about competitive markets.