Advancing Your Long-Term ESG Goals with Hourly Carbon-Free Energy Matching

As energy industry trends shift, transitioning to 100% carbon-free power has become a key sustainability goal. Large electricity users are looking to bridge the gap between their real-time electricity demand and available carbon-free power sources to make the transition zero carbon emissions. 

Energy markets currently have limited options for tracking and matching carbon-free supply with demand on an hourly basis. Today most organizations pursuing zero-emissions match their electricity use with renewable energy certificates or RECs on an annual basis. That’s a great start, but annualized RECs don’t ensure that the energy used in any given hour is actually carbon-free. As a result, many companies still rely on electricity from carbon-emitting power plants, which makes it difficult for them to achieve their carbon reduction goals. Despite these limitations, RECs have been very effective at funding a significant wave of renewable energy construction and will remain a useful tool. 

Pursuing Hourly Carbon-Free Energy Matching

To achieve a true 24 x 7 x 365 carbon-free supply strategy, it’s important to understand not only hourly demand, but also the available local electricity sources and associated emissions rates for those hours. From here, customers will need to build a strategy to match load and supply in each hour that minimizes the emissions impacts of their energy consumption. 

This is where Constellation's generation, supply management, and data analytics capabilities can help. We have developed an hourly-matching application with Microsoft to provide customers with a transparent, independently verified view of their sustainability efforts, as well as analytics and supply solution recommendations to make quantifiable progress toward carbon reduction goals.1

Source: Granular Certificate Trading Alliance

By matching your electricity use with a local emission-free energy source in real time, you can go beyond other net-zero programs and eliminate the carbon impact of your operations and fully achieve zero emissions goals.

Resources for Hourly Matching 

Achieve Your Sustainability Targets

With our broad array of innovative clean energy solutions, Constellation can help you achieve your carbon reduction goals at each step of your journey. Work with our energy professionals to develop the right solutions for your business. Put your strategy into action.

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1 Based on current World Resources Institute (WRI) guidance. Scope 2 reporting claims of this product may be affected by future changes.