Constellation offers tools for energy managers to develop an optimal energy purchasing plan. The resources provided here can help energy managers manage costs and improve their knowledge of energy options and costs, establish efficient monitoring and management of energy consumption, and take command of their overall energy expenditures.


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Constellation provides you with the latest insights into energy management strategies and energy market updates and trends. Constellation’s energy market professionals will review and recap to let you know what key policies mean for you and your business. Energy managers will be exposed to the most innovative trends and solutions in the industry to get the most out of their energy.

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NYMEX Pricing Data

The abbreviation for the New York Mercantile Exchange, which is a physical commodity futures exchange for energy and other commodities. NYMEX pricing data helps natural gas customers strategically procure and manage their natural gas supply. 

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Sustainability Assessment

Need help with your sustainability strategy? We can help. Start by telling us where you are in building and implementing your plan.

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Energy Terms To Know

As part of their role, energy managers are often required to stay apprised of the latest market and weather factors impacting energy prices. Our Energy Terms to Know resource will clearly define industry terms and concepts that will give you more insight into the inner workings of the energy market, allowing you to walk away a more informed consumer.

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