The Right Natural Gas Plan Is One That’s Designed Just for You

When you need natural gas purchasing options, energy market expertise, and a personalized plan for your business, you go to a leading competitive energy provider. Constellation streamlines the process by offering options based on budget, risk tolerance, and business goals.

Natural Gas Purchasing Strategies

Energy prices can weigh down any company's bottom line, but they also present a chance to get a handle on risk and establish some predictability in the books. Energy can be purchased using either a rigid, risk-mitigating "point in time" pricing method or a more dynamic, fluctuating "forward" pricing structure. Learn how to tailor a plan to the specifics of your company for the best results. Explore purchasing strategies.

Natural Gas Purchasing Solutions


An easy and comprehensive approach to managing your natural gas supply. SmartPortfolio uses investment principles to help protect your strategy from volatility.

Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVP)

A strategy that manages the commodity portion of your total gas cost. Purchases are made at regular intervals through an algorithm based on market data.

Managed Portfolio Services (MPS)

A strategy that manages just the basis component of your total gas cost. Basis transactions are systematically made on your behalf in advance of flow.

Fixed Price

Lock in a price at a single point in time for the term


Allow your price to fluctuate in response to market conditions.


Mix and match fixing and floating to create your own risk management strategy.

Resources To Help You Manage Your Natural Gas Strategy