Understanding Your Electricity Product Options

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to developing a customized electricity purchasing strategy. Your usage profile, risk tolerance, and financial objectives are all important considerations, and your strategy may include a variety of products and is truly custom for you.

Power Purchasing Strategies
First, you’ll need a strategy and it’s easier than you may think to design an electricity purchasing strategy optimized for your business. To build your strategy, you’ll want to know two key variables (1) your load profile and (2) your usage patterns

Determine Usage Size and Load Profile
Depending on your usage size and load profile, a typical customer can invest several hours to study their load profile and develop and deploy their new plan. This time investment has the potential to yield tens of thousands of dollars of savings, Constellation has done the research to prove this.

Electricity Supply Solutions

Explore electricity supply products from Constellation offers you the flexibility you need, while helping you meet your financial and environmental goals.