Take the Opportunity to Save

For a long time, only one company provided all aspects of energy services to our homes – our utility companies. You call them for power outages and are just as likely to call them for billing inquiries.

But in more recent years, states across the country have developed competitive markets for energy, providing the opportunity for energy suppliers to compete with each other over the price of electricity and natural gas to power your home or business. This competition drives innovation, provides choices for customers and helps to keep energy costs as low as possible. Where this competition exists, there is potential opportunity for you, the customer, to save.

Choosing a new supplier is easy. Here are quick facts regarding Energy Choice and what you can expect from choosing a new electricity or natural gas supplier:

  • No interruption in your electric service
  • No enrollment or sign up fees
  • No change to your billing process
  • Simple sign up process

Gain Access to Improved, Innovative Products & Services

In states that offer Energy Choice, competitors expand and enhance product and service offerings to win new business. With this comes innovative products and services. Two Constellation examples include:

  • Solutions for Business: Information to Implementation, or i2i, offers customers the ability to analyze and compare various electricity pricing strategies to help them find the best solutions for their businesses.
  • Solutions for Home: An industry first, we offered an application that enabled New Jersey residential electric customers to sign up for our services directly on one of our social media channels.