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Constellation's renewable home energy options mean you can feel good about supporting the environment while also managing your budget with fixed-rate plans. Our renewable home energy solutions include solar power generation through our Sunrun referral program and renewable wind energy in select states, which means you have the power to choose energy that aligns with your values and budget.

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Renewable Home Energy Options

Renewable energy, also known as green energy, generally refers to electricity generated by resources that replenish themselves naturally, such as the sun, wind, earth, and water. Although the exact definition of “renewable” fuels varies depending on the governing program, law or regulations, they typically include solar, biomass, wind, hydro, and geothermal.

We know finding ways to support the environment is important. That's one reason Constellation is working hard to expand the number of renewable home energy options it provides. In select states, we have a referral program with Sunrun, which provides homeowners with the ability to generate solar electricity, producing renewable electricity that can help local utilities meet their green energy goals. We also offer residential customers renewable wind energy in select electric distribution service areas through the sale of renewable energy certificates sourced from wind power generators within the United States.

Constellation is committed to discovering new renewable home energy resources and working with sustainable energy companies so we can offer you the best green energy options available.

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