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Welcome! If you're looking to find a new electricity supplier or are moving to a new home and need a different retail electric company, Constellation is here to make the transition easy.

Constellation offers a variety of simple fixed-rate plans. You pick the rate that works best for you and your household energy budget — including the term of contract you want — and in just a few clicks you can be on your way to a fixed price  that is  the same month in and month out during the term of your agreement. With your energy budget in a better place, you can spend time instead on the important or fun things in life.

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Here are some more reasons why joining the Constellation family makes sense.

When you join the Constellation family, you're joining a national energy company that provides all kinds of energy throughout America. Part of  Exelon Corporation — America's only Fortune 100 energy company and the employer of 34,000 people nationwide — Constellation has a long history of working with residential, public sector and commercial businesses. We're here for the long haul.

Constellation also cares about your energy budget. We offer fixed-rate plans with a range of contract lengths so you can lock in your rate for a unit of energy and stop worrying about prices increasing unexpectedly. The weather may change, rates may go up, but your supply rate will remain the same throughout your contract.

We can do this because in areas open to competition, electricity is  one of the energy sources that is part of the open competitive market. What that basically means is that now you, the consumer, have options. Where once you could only receive supply from your local utility, which controlled and adjusted supply rates and delivery, sometimes unexpectedly, now you can choose supply rates from among electricity suppliers. The utility still delivers the electricity, but the suppliers are the ones in charge of supply rates. And that means that consumers finally — literally — have the power.

You can pick the retail electricity provider and the electricity plans that make the most sense for your household usage and budget. And when you control your energy budget, you have the stability and flexibility to really enjoy the things that matter most in life.

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Here are a few details about Constellation's electricity plans so you can decide which one makes the most sense for your household:


Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans

Available in every state we serve, fixed-rate plans are perfect for people who enjoy price certainty and predictability. With one of these plans, you pay the same price per unit of energy over your entire contract period. Constellation offers a variety of contract lengths. All you have to do is monitor your usage to keep costs where you want them.

Variable-Rate Electricity Plans

Available in only select states, variable-rate plans are exactly as they sound. Variable rates fluctuate depending on the weather and other factors. If you are comfortable with a variable-rate mortgage, you might like variable electricity plans as well. It's more of a gamble, while a fixed-rate plan provides more rate certainty from your electricity provider. 

Renewable Electricity Plans

If you're concerned about the environment, we offer renewable energy plans. Depending on the state you live in, a percentage of your residential electricity could be generated from clean, renewable wind sources.

Renewable energy, also known as green energy, generally refers to electricity generated by resources that replenish themselves naturally, such as the sun, wind, earth, and water. Although the exact definition of “renewable” fuels varies depending on the governing program, law or regulations, it typically includes solar, biomass, wind, hydro, and geothermal. We offer renewable wind energy generated by wind turbines located on wind farms within specific control areas.

Learn more about Constellation's renewable energy options in your state.

Hopefully you've got your questions answered and are ready to join the Constellation family. We'd love to serve you and your family and help put the power to control your energy budget back in your hands. We want you to have the energy for the things that really matter in life!

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