Choosing Your Natural Gas Supplier

Residential Plans

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Whether you're here because you're interested in switching natural gas suppliers or you're moving to a new home and need to find a different natural gas supplier, you're in the right spot. Constellation is here to help you find the right fit for your budget and lifestyle. We know that worrying about your energy usage and budget takes time away from spending time and money on the fun things in life.


That's why Constellation offers the security of fixed-rate plans that allow you to lock in the natural gas supply rate that makes the most sense for your budget. With your personal finances in a better place, you can spend time on the things in life that matter to you instead.


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Joining the Constellation family means joining a national network that offers energy solutions — everything from electricity and solar to natural gas and renewable energy — to residents in 47 states. We take offering our customers the energy they want seriously — and we have for years. Part of the Exelon Corporation — America's only Fortune 100 energy company and the employer of 34,000 people nationwide — Constellation has a long history of working with residential, public sector and commercial businesses.


Constellation also cares about your energy budget. When you know your rate, you can more easily determine the spending money you have each month for other things you and your family might like to do.


We can work more directly for you and your budget thanks to the competitive energy market. Where once the consumer only had one natural gas option — a utility that controlled delivery, pricing and maintenance — you now can choose the natural gas supplier that makes the most sense for you and your household budget. Natural gas suppliers are in charge of the natural gas supply rates; utilities still oversee delivery and maintenance. They are still the ones you call in case of a natural gas emergency.


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Here's a little more information about Constellation's natural gas plans so you can think about the one that might make the most sense for your household:

Fixed-Rate Plans

These plans provide you a fixed price for the term of the contract, which can vary in terms of length, lasting anywhere from six months to two years. You control the usage; the rate remains the same for the term of the agreement. With consistent energy supply rates month to month, worries about price fluctuation are gone!

Variable-Rate Plans

This plan is exactly as it sounds. This plan, available in only select states, means that your rate may change from month to month depending on variables such as the weather, supply and demand, and other unforeseen changes.

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