Electricity Solutions for Your Business

Strategies for buying power can be structured to the needs of your business’ risk tolerance, budget management and overall goals. From simple fixed price and index arrangements to a variety of advanced strategic solutions, we will work with you to develop a custom solution that works. 

Power Purchasing Strategies

Fixed or Secured Price*

A Single Point-in-Time Strategy in which prices are fixed for a customer’s entire load for the term of the contract. Learn More >

Flexible Index Solutions (FIS)

A Blended Strategy in which the customer purchases power through a combination of Fixed and Variable pricing. Learn More >

Index Plus Block Solutions (IPBS)

A Blended Strategy in which the customer fixes the price for a flat fixed volume based on usage patterns, and any usage above the set fixed volume receives index market pricing. Learn More >

*Product availability varies by state and customer class

Tools for Managing Your Power Purchasing Strategy

Information to Implementation (i2i)

Service that delivers comprehensive insight, tools and reports allowing customers to design, implement and manage a customized electricity purchasing plan. Learn More >


Program designed to help customers monitor market activity. Customers identify a target price for contract execution and either place a soft trigger or a hard trigger in which the contract is automatically executed when the target price is reached. 

Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVPe)

Similar to MarketWatch, a program designed for Flexible Index Solutions (FIS) purchasing over the duration of the contract. This approach is “hands-off”. Learn More >

Peak Load Management

Through this program, customers voluntarily curtail energy usage at predicted peak hours upon notification from the Constellation team, with day-ahead and day-of reminders. Learn More >