Zero CO2 Emissions Electricity Plans

This is a pivotal time for energy — future energy demands must be met with less impact on our climate and with minimal burden on the nation’s economy. Take action toward environmental and climate change goals by supporting the production of electric power from generation sources that do not directly emit greenhouse gases (GHG) from combustion.

The Solution

By purchasing carbon-free electricity from Constellation, your business realizes the value associated with power generated from Exelon’s COemissions-free nuclear generation fleet.

You may be familiar with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which are created to represent the renewable attributes of each MWh of electricity generated by a renewable source. Emission-Free Energy Certificates (EFECs) similarly are created to represent the emission-free attributes of generating sources, such as nuclear, that do not directly emit greenhouse gases from combustion. When you purchase a Carbon-Free Electricity Plan from Constellation, electricity you purchase will be matched with EFECs from nuclear energy sources allowing you to easily purchase carbon-free electricity.


A carbon-free electricity purchase may help your company to meet internal environmental goals by demonstrating your support for generating sources such as nuclear that can be part of a broader climate solution. Products like RECs or EFECs give businesses the opportunity to source their power from environmentally friendly sources when land or capital are unavailable to deploy onsite renewables. Carbon-free electricity purchases may also help your company meet goals for reducing emissions associated with its electricity use. Check your GHG reporting protocols to confirm.