Index Plus Block Solutions

Energy markets are volatile but your usage patterns are consistent and while a fixed price strategy feels secure, it often feels like opportunities are missed.  For businesses with the flexibility and a level of risk tolerance to take a more strategic approach with the power purchasing strategy, a blended solution may help achieve your goals.

Index Plus Block Solutions (IPBS) allows customers to fix a portion of their load to mitigate volatility risk while allowing them to benefit from market opportunities. A predefined volume based on usage patterns is locked, and any incremental load above that is purchased at market price. Our team provides pricing information so you can decide when to purchase, and we analyze your historical and forecasted consumption to help you determine how to purchase. 

Solution Benefits

  • Flexibility—Change how much usage is at a fixed price. 
  • Market Events—Make purchases when market events present buying opportunities.
  • Lower Price—Avoid the additional cost for usage variance protection; you take the risk of market prices for usage not covered by a fixed price block.
  • For more information, please read our Index Plus Block Solutions Product Sheet


    • Default energy price is the market price; choose Day Ahead or Real Time indices (availability depends on wholesale market).
    • Fix the price for fixed volumes of electricity (blocks) for any number of calendar months during the term of the contract; purchase blocks for standard periods (7x24, peak, off-peak, etc.).
    • Ancillaries, capacity and transmission can be fixed or passed through, depending on the wholesale market; if fixed, they are included in your contract price.
    • Purchase renewable energy certificates to match a percentage of your usage.
    • Leverage MarketWatch—a program designed to help customers proactively monitor market activity in reference to a set target price. 
    • Manage your supply with Information to Implementation (i2i)—a service that delivers comprehensive insight, tools and reports.