Minimized Volatile Pricing (MVPe)

Today, many businesses share a common goal when buying electricity: Attain budget certainty while gaining the ability to take advantage of market opportunities.

Locking in a fixed price guards against market volatility and provides budget certainty, but that same contracted price may result in paying a higher rate if market prices fall. While blended solutions provide certainty and flexibility, they require time and resources for manual management. 

With the Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVPe) Program from Constellation, businesses have an automated alternative for energy management. MVPe systematically removes market and timing risk through a mathematical algorithm that buys more energy when prices are historically lower and less at historic highs.

Solution Benefits


  • Receive a dollar cost averaging approach similar to the diversification many make in their 401K.
  • By locking in multiple layers at different times over the term of the contract,- businesses mitigate the timing risks associated with a volatile energy market and a single-point-in-time transaction.
  • Receive a full requirements fixed price at contract flow to ensure budget certainty.
  • Track data using MVPe energy management tools, including monthly online reports that compare costs and illustrate open versus hedged positions.