Energy Efficiency Solutions for Your Business

It can be challenging to effectively manage usage, identify the right efficiency upgrades, and find the best payment structure for executing projects in a way that will help your business achieve its energy goals. That’s why Constellation created Efficiency Made Easy® (EME)—a solution that can play an integral role in achieving your strategic financial and environmental goals.

As you think about your electricity or natural gas supply requirements, imagine reducing your total energy budget and usage at the same time through high-impact energy conservation measures. With EME, our team of experts will identify and retrofit for efficiency measures.

EME is recognized for its comprehensive approach to demand-side management—giving customers the ability to fund energy conservation measures in support of organizational and environmental goals. 

Primary Efficiency Measures

  • Lighting Improvements
  • Electric Motors and Drives
  • Water & Sewer Conservation
  • Building Automation & Energy Management Control Systems

Program Benefits

  • No up-front capital required, flexible 36- to 60-month contract terms—preserve your capital budget while reducing your carbon footprint with lower usage
  • Included in your electricity or natural gas bill—the cost of efficiency upgrades will appear as a separate line item on your energy bill
  • Cost savings through reduced energy consumption—load profile improvements become effective immediately upon installation of efficiency measures
  • Ability to install energy solutions today, but delay EME payments up to 24-months—if a customer is currently under contract with another competitive power or gas supplier
  • Stay on the cutting edge of energy and efficiency—by taking advantage of Constellation Technology Venture’s portfolio company product offerings, from advanced electric vehicle charging stations by ChargePoint to state-of-the-art HVAC cycling tech and more