Achieve your efficiency goals with no upfront capital.

With Efficiency Made Easy® (EME), our team of energy market professionals will identify and retrofit for efficiency measures. This unique solution could help you realize cost savings through a reduction in consumption and improved load profile. All efficiency measures will show up as a line item on your Constellation bill with flexible 36- to 60-month contract terms. 

EME has helped customer’s collectively reduce CO2 emissions by 217,000,000 pounds, according to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. See what all of these pounds equate to

Program Benefits

  • No up-front capital required
  • Flexible 36- to 60-month contract terms
  • Included in your electricity or natural gas contract—the cost of the upgrades will appear as a line item on your bill
  • Cost savings through reduced energy consumption
  • Ability to install energy solutions today, but delay EME payments up to 24-months
  • Access to cutting edge energy and efficiency products with Constellation Technology Venture’s portfolio of offerings

For more information, please read our EME product sheet.