A Smarter Approach to Proactively Manage Your Risk.

Constellation's SmartPortfolio provides an easy and complete approach for managing your natural gas supply costs while protecting against price volatility. With SmartPortfolio, you choose from four options with varying degrees of volatility protection to ensure you get the right level of budget certainty, volatility protection and risk tolerance for your business. Financial investing, manufacturing, your 401k retirement plans and more take a long-term diversified approach to managing price and risk. We want you to think about your natural gas supply the same way.

Solution Benefits

  • Easy to manage and improve efficiency- Frees up resources so you can focus on your core business
  • Reduces Decision Paralysis- Less risk per transaction allows you to execute and focus on your core business
  • Reduces Price Volaitility- Makes smaller purchases over time to minimize the risk associated with a single transaction
  • Simple Execution Process- Clear and transparent structure and invoicing
  • Daily Management- Constellation's team of professionals monitors your purchases daily