Take a Smarter Approach to Managing Natural Gas Supply

With SmartPortfolio, you choose from four options with varying degrees of volatility protection to ensure you get the right level of budget certainty and volatility protection that you want. Many industries – and individuals – already leverage the strategy of time-diversification, managing risk over time, and dollar cost averaging as proven strategies because they work. Financial investing, manufacturing, farming - even your 401k retirement plans - take a long-term diversified approach to managing price and risk. We want you to think about your natural gas supply the same way.

Energy decision makers encounter many types of risk: operational risk, decision risk, price risk, volumetric risk, and even personal risk (How do you tell your boss that you bought at the wrong time?).  A gas purchasing program that purchases incrementally over time mitigates these risks allowing you to focus on the rest of your business. Constellation’s SmartPortfolio provides an easy and complete approach for managing your natural gas supply costs while protecting your budget against price volatility.

Diversification strategies may seem complex and knowing when to ‘buy’ may seem daunting. So we created SmartPortfolio, a program that makes automated, diversified purchasing (using our popular and proprietary MVP procurement engine) easy and seamless.

Add monitoring and reporting services, dedicated account managers and a team of natural gas market experts and you get a complete ‘smart’ purchasing strategy – without the extra effort.