Connecting Energy Users to Energy Choice

Tailored energy solutions that offer you the flexibility to effectively manage your total energy profile

Constellation Distributed Energy works with you to assess your energy needs to then customize a solution that meets your business goals and requirements. We offer energy efficiency, solar, and distributed generation products and services that provide many benefits, including:

  • Attractive contract structure including no upfront capital requirements, a long-term contract backed by a Fortune 500 company, and increased budget certainty
  • Operational and revenue stream efficiencies to alleviate your financial burden for needed infrastructure
  • Management and operation services for complex energy assets provided by an experienced generation operator and wholesale market expert
  • Scalable assets with customizable turnkey solutions utilizing the latest technological advances
  • “One-stop shop” for energy management expertise, with the support of best-in-class technology partners
  • Support of corporate sustainability and emissions reduction goals

Let Constellation Work for You

Now is the time to start the conversation. More than 100,000 commercial, industrial, public sector, government and institutional customers—including two-thirds of the Fortune 100—and more than one million residential customers rely on our commitment to innovation, dependability, transparency and service. Explore our Distributed Energy solutions to meet your energy needs with a team you can trust.