Energy Efficiency

Many customers recognize they can save money by reducing their electricity consumption and their exposure to volatile and rising electricity prices. Reducing customers’ deferred maintenance issues can also result in lower electric consumption. These issues can be addressed by energy efficiency projects, which help customers achieve two goals: reducing energy and operational costs, and funding infrastructure improvements via the reduction in energy-related expenditures. Energy efficiency also allows customers to manage their carbon footprint and respond to regulatory, legislative or organizational environmental directives.

We provide a comprehensive energy performance project–including audits, engineering, design, construction management, and long-term monitoring and analytics. The overall project size is dictated by the proposed savings–that is, the proposed measures’ energy savings should be sufficient to finance the full cost of the project. In many cases, customers will leverage faster payback measures (such as lighting) to help pay for slower payback items (such as chillers or distribution systems).

From Our Customers