Resiliency—Providing the Tools and Resources Necessary to React to Change

Resiliency solutions such as cogeneration, fuel cells, backup generation and batteries are becoming more prevalent and a key part of a customer’s energy strategy ─ especially for those looking to protect critical infrastructure due to market volatility or other external threats. Resiliency solutions not only provide peace of mind during an outage, but they can also provide clean energy, manage electricity cost and contribute to your sustainability goals.

Constellation offers innovative resiliency solutions that help you intelligently buy, manage and use energy efficiently:


Cogeneration allows customers with substantial heat and power needs to obtain both from an on-site asset in an economical and reliable manner.

Having cogeneration on site can help improve resiliency by moving a portion of a customer’s load off-grid, while optimizing energy loads and reducing carbon footprint.

Backup Generation

An onsite backup generation asset allows customers to stay online even when the grid-based power is interrupted. 

Constellation provides reliability services for customers by installing backup generators at customer sites with no upfront customer payment. This makes adoption easier for customers, with Constellation retaining ownership, operation and maintenance responsibility while the customer pays for the reliability service it receives through a simple “Reliability Rate” on their electric bill.

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are devices that convert fuel into electricity through an electro-chemical process (rather than combustion) providing clean, quiet electricity directly at a customer’s site.

Given the relative reliability of the gas supply network to the power grid, fuel cells can be far more reliable than grid power. Fuel cells are being installed as reliability solutions at data centers and other businesses with critical loads.

In certain regions of the U.S., fuel cells can replace a portion of your electricity baseload at a cost comparable to or lower than the cost of grid power. In addition to those savings, you also receive the benefits of price stability and resiliency. And because a fuel cell generates electricity without combustion, the process is cleaner than that of traditional generation using fossil fuels. Constellation installs fuel cells and retains ownership, operational and maintenance responsibility, while you simply pay for electricity and/or heat generated by the fuel cells at an agreed-upon price.

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Battery Storage

Batteries are energy storage systems that allow customers to take advantage of time-of-use price differences as well as revenue-generating programs in the electricity marketplace.

Batteries present a flexible tool for storing and discharging electricity, which can help with numerous areas of grid functioning including peak shifting, load smoothing, power optimization, and frequency regulation. The value of batteries becomes even more pronounced with increased deployment of distributed generation and advancements in the “smart grid.” By hosting a battery on site, customers can take advantage of dynamic pricing markets.

Constellation will install a battery at a customer site, while retaining ownership as well as operational and maintenance responsibility. We examine the market dynamics at that location to determine the optimal use case for the battery at that location, generally via some combination of demand charge reduction, frequency regulation, or energy price arbitrage. The customer receives the benefits of the battery at no upfront cost, and signs a power contract with Constellation that takes into account the various revenue benefits.

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