Are You Protected from Natural Gas Market Volatility? Take A Smarter Approach.

The SmartPortfolio program helps you take advantage of the natural gas market without having to be an energy expert. This program takes many of the principles used in financial investing to manage price risk over time to create a diversified portfolio. Today, over 10,000,000 dekatherms are managed through the program. Businesses across the U.S. rely on these types of diversification strategies to manage various commodities.

Program benefits include:

  • Transparent Diversification: SmartPortfolio is a complete approach that manages your total usage through a combination of floating and time-diversified locked purchases. This strategy helps protect your business from market highs while providing the opportunity to capture market lows.

  • Effortless Automation: The program’s automated purchasing strategy manages your risk while you focus on your core business. You decide how much of your gas costs you let float with the market and how much you want to fix in advance.

  • Flexible Strategies: We recognize that strategies change, so you can leave the program at any time, retaining any purchases already made by the program. We’ll work with you to evolve your strategy as you evolve your business. Flexible contract terms, simple invoicing, online budget reporting, and customized back-test scenarios help you manage your natural gas supply.

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