Transforming Energy Challenges into Solutions

We help government, healthcare, education, and commercial customers complete significant infrastructure improvements by leveraging forward-thinking technologies so they can save money and achieve their sustainability and efficiency goals.

Government Agencies 

Our Constellation Energy Solutions meet the needs of a diverse Government sector, so you can minimize capital expenses, reduce energy spending and...

  • reduce energy consumption 
  • leverage new technology
  • meet sustainability goals
  • modernize infrastructure
  • increase onsite resiliency  
  • optimize operations and maintenance

Health Care Facilities

A customized blend of onsite generation, infrastructure upgrades, and asset optimization maintains mission-critical environments and helps...

  • increase energy resiliency and systems continuity 
  • improve operational efficiencies
  • perform critical system upgrades
  • upgrade aging infrastructure
  • increase onsite generation
  • utilize renewable energy
  • maximize indoor air quality 

Educational Institutions 

Whether for a school district or a college campus, our solutions help lower energy consumption and maintenance costs eliminating the need for upfront capital so you can...

  • upgrade aging infrastructure
  • fund critical systems upgrades
  • meet energy consumption and upgrade mandates
  • improve and optimize critical systems 
  • improve air quality 
  • implement renewable/green technologies 
  • achieve sustainability goals

Impactful Infrastructure Upgrades at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Read More

Proper air flow and ventilation is critical now more than ever.

Achieve improved efficiency and productivity measures while upgrading critical and aging infrastructure.