Hourly Carbon-Free Matching

Achieving 100% carbon-free power is a key sustainability goal for many organizations. As customers make the transition to 100% carbon-free, many are looking to bridge the gap between their real-time electricity demand and available sources of carbon-free power. Currently, energy markets have limited options for tracking and matching carbon-free supply with demand on an hour-by-hour basis, and most organizations pursuing zero emissions power match their electricity use with renewable energy certificates, or RECs, on an annual basis.


To achieve a true 24 x 7 x 365 carbon-free supply strategy, customers need to understand not only their hourly demand but also, their hourly use of local power sources and associated emissions rates. From there they will need to build a strategy to match load and supply in each hour, which will minimize the emissions impacts of their energy consumption. This is where Constellation, with our generation, supply management, and data analytics can help. Partnering with Microsoft, we are developing an hourly-matching application that gives customers a transparent, independently verified view of their sustainability efforts, with analytics and supply solution recommendations to make quantifiable progress towards carbon reduction goals.

Resources for Hourly Matching 

The offering described herein is currently under development and is not yet available for purchase.  Actual product launch is expected, but not guaranteed, to take place the 4th quarter of 2022. Final product offering may differ from what is described here, and will be sold and contracted by Constellation.