Understand and manage your energy footprint and costs more easily 

Pear.ai: The Smart Utility Expense Management Platform 

Understanding your utility bills can be time-consuming, costly and challenging. Constellation provides an innovative approach to help you with utility expense management—the Pear.ai platform. 

Pear.ai gives you the power to take control and turn your energy data into one of your most valuable assets. It allows you to proactively manage utility costs, understand trends, and develop strategies to optimize spend and drive sustainability objectives. 

The Pear.ai platform and its virtual energy expert Sam can help you generate energy insights—streamline and reduce operating costs with aggregated utility usage and spend data. 

Pear.ai Customers In the News: 


Combines bill data across multiple utility providers into a common format and standardized categories for simpler analysis of charges and usage values. No more hunting for paper invoices and searching through piles of data to get answers about your utility expenses.


Responds to direct questions from your data. No need for specialized training or waiting for customized reports created—provides a genuinely intuitive user experience and sophisticated energy intelligence platform.


Create an all-encompassing utility expense profile from your utility bill data across all locations in one place—captures every line item and description to build a comprehensive secure online view of your data.


Offers powerful and detailed reports and analytics that allows you to see energy data by line item, meter, location and/or cluster of locations— detect errors, highlight areas for improvement, and identify energy efficiency opportunities.

Anomaly Detection:

Identify anomalies, delivers actionable insights and models predictive behaviors. 


Provides highly - detailed quality data capture, enable data analysis on a granular level and simply create any report needed.

Your Virtual Energy Expert: Sam 

The Pear.ai platform and its virtual energy expert “Sam” can help you quickly generate energy insights. Simply talk to Sam, and it will guide you to the information you’re seeking. 

  • Analysis:  Sam monitors information across your energy portfolio to find anomalies and costly issues to address.
  • Conversations:  With Sam, you get instant access to your data via conversational queries instead of waiting for information.
  • Proactive Insights: When Sam finds an issue, it will give you the information you need to follow up.

Give meaning to your data and identify opportunities for efficiency, demand reduction and potential cost savings.  Start proactively taking control of your energy data with the Pear.ai platform—contact your Constellation representative today

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