Understand and Manage your Facility Usage and Utility Bills Easily 

A utility expense management platform empowers you to seize control and transform your energy data into one of your most valuable assets. Proactively manage utility costs, understand trends, and develop strategies to optimize spending and drive sustainability goals.

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Constellation's Pear.ai platform is part of a suite of analytics tools that focuses on utility expense management. Through automation, unification, and standardization of utility data across the entire business operation, utility expense management platforms satisfy the practical need to manage and understand multiple utility bills across numerous locations while delivering meaningful usage data necessary to –

  • Obtain insights to respond to anomalies in the data
  • Identify billing errors including rate class and tax exemptions 
  • Develop visualization and reports for all your utility metrics 
  • Create transparent emissions reporting for internal and external stakeholders, and enable sustainability planning

Virtual Energy Expert

The Pear.ai platform’s virtual energy expert, SAM, can help you quickly generate energy insights – 

  • Get quick and easy access to your data with conversational queries.
  • Monitors information across your energy portfolio to find anomalies and issues to address.
  • Proactive issue resolution provides you the information you need to follow up.

Power of the Pear.ai Platform


Combines bill data from multiple utility providers with standardized formats and categories for a more straightforward analysis of charges and usage values. No more looking for paper invoices or sifting through mountains of data to figure out your utility bills.


Answers direct questions from your data. There is no need for specialized training or to wait for customized reports to be created—the platform provides a genuinely intuitive user experience and sophisticated energy intelligence.


Creates a comprehensive utility expense profile from all your utility bill data in one place—captures every line item and description to build a complete, secure online view of your data.


Provides powerful and detailed reports and analytics that allow you to view energy data by line item, meter, location, and/or cluster of locations—detecting errors, highlighting areas for improvement, and identifying energy efficiency opportunities.

Achieve Your Sustainability Targets:  

With our broad array of innovative clean energy solutions, Constellation can help you achieve your carbon reduction goals at each step of your journey. Work with our energy professionals to develop the right solutions for your business. Put your strategy into action.