Increase Sustainability & Community Fulfillment with Integrated Energy Solutions

Built on an ideology of maintaining social responsibility and creating a better quality of life for their constituents, communities are continuously searching for ways to improve practices and services to meet their objectives. By working with our energy professionals, community officials can improve their community’s sustainability while increasing safety, community solidity, and citizen-leader trust.

Governmental Aggregation Programs

We offer a unique, integrated solution created specifically for communities to help with intelligently buying, managing, and using energy. Government aggregation programs can offer:

  • Communities an opportunity to save on energy costs by purchasing bulk amounts of electricity for eligible residential and small business constituents
  • Residents & Small Businesses group buying power at rates that each could not have realized as an individual
  • An array of products to meet your community energy budget and objectives

How It Works

Although the supplier will provide the energy supply to constituents at no additional charge, constituents will:

  • Choose to have energy supplied by the governmental aggregator,
  • Be able to provide citizens with an opportunity to opt-out with no penalty within a certain solicitation timeframe

Community officials that work with us can offer communities a renewed trust in leadership and have a peace of mind in knowing that the community’s energy needs are managed effectively.


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