Welcome to Constellation's New Digital Experience

Starting this summer and continuing through early 2025, Constellation will transition customers to a new and improved digital platform to manage your online accounts. The Energy Manager, My Constellation and Constellation Home Services websites will be consolidated into a single digital platform to give you an improved online experience. The new platform will serve as a convenient, one-stop-shop in managing Constellation accounts and services.


What should I expect from the new digital platform?

At Constellation, we strive for positive experiences with valued customers like you, ensuring that every interaction is easy, intuitive and meets your needs. This new digital platform will provide you with an improved and efficient user experience which will also grow with you and your needs. If you have multiple accounts, you’ll be able to manage them all in one place instead of on multiple websites.

When will the transition start?

The transition to the new digital platform will occur in stages. C&I Power customers will make the switch in July 2024, while C&I Gas customers and those with both C&I Power and C&I Gas accounts will start using the new platform in September. Finally, our small business, residential and Constellation Home Services customers can expect to start using the new platform between late 2024 and early 2025.

Will the new digital platform function the same as the Energy Manager, My Constellation and Constellation Home websites?

With the new platform, you’ll have the ability to accomplish everything you did on the three separate websites – all within a single platform. Additionally, the look and feel will be enhanced and more user-friendly thanks to valuable feedback from users like you.

How will I be informed about the transition?

Before you transition to the new digital platform, you'll receive a series of emails detailing everything you need to know for your move. Please keep an eye out for these communications and follow the instructions provided.

What will I need to do the first time I login into the new digital platform?
Simply visit the new website specified in our transition emails. Log in using your current username and password – it's that easy. Your Energy Manager, My Constellation and Constellation Home Services accounts, including settings and payment methods, will automatically transfer to the new platform.