The right natural gas plan is one that’s designed just for you.

We deliver more than 1.6 billion dekatherms of natural gas per year to customers nationwide. Because when you’re looking for natural gas purchasing options, energy market expertise and a customized plan that’s right for your business, you go to the nation’s leading competitive energy provider. Constellation simplifies the process by providing options based on your budget, risk tolerance and the needs of your business today and in the future.

Can you improve your gas purchasing strategy?

While energy is a necessary expense for businesses, it can also offer an opportunity to manage risk and achieve budget certainty.  You can purchase energy in a few ways from a fixed price point-in-time strategy to a flexible buying strategy that is designed to offer more risk protection.  Learn more about customizing a strategy that fits your unique business.

An easy and comprehensive approach to managing your natural gas supply. SmartPortfolio uses investment principles to help protect your strategy from volatility.
A strategy that manages the commodity portion of your total gas cost. Purchases are made at regular intervals through an algorithm based on market data.
A strategy that manages just the basis component of your total gas cost. Basis transactions are systematically made on your behalf in advance of flow.

Fixed Price

Lock in a price at a single point in time for the term


Let your price float with the market to take advantage of market movements


Layer in a combination of fixing and floating to design your own risk management portfolio

Resources to help you manage your natural gas strategy