Backup Generation

Electricity outages—whether planned or unexpected—can result in substantial costs to customers through lost revenue and/or inventory, as well as shutdown/start-up costs. In the past, customers looking to avoid these costs have turned to emergency or backup generation (BG), which provides power in the event of a grid outage.

Traditionally, acquiring BG services meant purchasing expensive assets, and internally handling the accompanying technical and staffing requirements. As an alternative, Constellation provides reliability-as-a-service for customers by installing backup generators at customer sites with no upfront customer payment. This makes adoption easier for customers, with Constellation retaining ownership as well as operation and maintenance responsibility, while the customer pays for the reliability service it receives through a simple “Reliability Rate” on their electric bill.

This model is also attractive to customers with existing but undersized BG assets. Rather than an expensive outlay for additional equipment, they can receive reliability-as-a-service as a predictable cost on their power bill.

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