Battery Storage

With the advent of mobile devices, battery technologies of all sizes have dramatically improved. Batteries present a flexible tool for storing and discharging electricity, which can help with numerous areas of grid functioning including peak shifting, load smoothing, power optimization, and frequency regulation. The value of batteries becomes even more pronounced with increased deployment of distributed generation and advancements in the “smart grid.” By hosting a battery on-site, customers can take advantage of dynamic pricing markets. The battery can thus also be a lever to facilitate other energy-related projects.

Constellation will install a battery at a customer site while retaining ownership as well as operational and maintenance responsibility. We examine the market dynamics at that location to determine the optimal use case for the battery at that location, generally via some combination of demand charge reduction, frequency regulation, or energy price arbitrage. The customer receives the benefits of the battery at no upfront cost, and signs a power contract with Constellation that takes into account the various revenue benefits.

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