Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are electro-chemical devices that convert a fuel (generally natural gas) into electricity and heat. Fuel cell technology has become much more efficient over the past decade, and, with the drop in natural gas prices, more affordable. Given the relative reliability of the gas supply network to the power grid, fuel cells can be far more reliable than grid power. Fuel cells are being installed at data centers and other businesses with critical loads as reliability solutions. 

In certain regions of the U.S., fuel cells can replace a portion of your electricity baseload at a cost comparable to or lower than the cost of grid power. In addition to those savings, you also receive the benefits of price stability and resiliency. And because a fuel cell generates electricity without combustion, the process is cleaner than that of traditional generation using fossil fuels. Constellation installs fuel cells and retains ownership, operational and maintenance responsibility, while you simply pay for electricity and/or heat generated by the fuel cells at an agreed-upon price.

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