A Renewable Alternative

As more businesses work to meet renewable energy goals, many are realizing that their current options are difficult to implement or don’t provide enough sustainability value.  That’s why Constellation now offers our CORe renewable energy purchasing solution designed to provide businesses access to offsite renewable energy projects through the simplicity of a retail power contract.

CORe solutions combine location-specific renewable energy purchases and renewable energy certificates (RECs) with a physical load-following energy supply contract. And for those seeking more impactful renewable options, our CORe+ product supports development of new build renewable assets, also through your retail power contract. 

Constellation Offsite Renewables

A Renewable Alternative

Customers can meet their renewable goals and make a local offsite renewable energy purchase with a retail power supply contract through our CORe product. With CORe, companies can show customers, shareholders, communities and employees the specific facility on their regional power grid that they purchased their renewable energy from. Energy and RECs from the local generation facility can be procured as a part of your retail supply contract. Buying renewable energy couldn’t be easier.

CORe is ideal for customers seeking:

  • Easy ways to meet sustainability or renewable energy goals 
  • Renewable energy from a specific facility on their grid 
  • Simple retail contracts vs. complicated PPA contracts 
  • Shorter contract terms and/or smaller volume sizes (CORe) 
  • Options to support development of new renewable facilities (CORe+) 

Solution Benefits

  • Easy Sustainability and Green House Gas Claims: Constellation will purchase and retire the volume of RECs generated by a specified renewable generation facility on your behalf equal to the amount of renewable energy you purchased.
  • Locationality: Your company can report its commitment to renewable energy by showing the specific facility that you are purchasing energy from. You can also show that it is delivering renewable energy to your regional power grid. 
  • Full-Requirements Load-Serving Power Supply: CORe products include physical, load-following energy supply to you—inclusive of all applicable transmission, ancillary services and other costs as required for generation supply in your market. Unlike an offsite PPA, there is no need to reconcile the renewable energy contract with a separate utility or supplier contract. You get a single, predictable price per MWh for your renewable energy purchase and RECs.

Resources to Help Manage Your CORe Strategy