Real-time Analysis of Your Energy Consumption

Current trends for businesses include reducing costs, becoming more sustainable, and finding ways to make your buildings “smarter” and more efficient. Many customers are looking for ways to better manage their energy usage and they are looking at how to make their buildings incorporate this new approach.

Through a strategic relationship with Logical Buildings, a smart building technology company, Constellation is now offering a solution that can help you make your buildings more intelligent, profitable, and sustainable. The solution uses a building energy management system, coupled with real-time analysis and modulation of energy consumption (SmartKit AI), that empowers you to proactively change the way your buildings work. 

This solution departs from the traditional one-sided approach to commercial and industrial building energy management. Logical Buildings' differentiated approach helps create real energy value per building.

Solution Benefits

  • High quality data with a state-of-the-art visualization tool
  • 24/7 Concierge Support & Training
  • Peak Demand Management
  • Capacity Tag Reduction
  • Demand Response Revenue
  • Load Reduction and equivalent GHG Reduction
  • You may be able to save money through proactive Peak Shaving Management and early fault detection