The Power to Do More

Constellation is a national leader in providing comprehensive energy solutions to federal, state, and local agencies as well as private sector firms that range from small businesses to the Fortune 100. This includes over 4,000 government customers in 47 states.

What makes Constellation different from other strategic energy providers?

  • Expertise: Our past experience allows us to develop unique plans that build in safety nets for unforeseen problems
  • Innovation: Constellation pairs cohesive energy management strategies with transformational contracting models
  • Flexibility: One or multiple energy solutions available that support rapid, easy improvements
  • Leadership: In multiple areas including
  • Best Practices: In 20+ years of experience, Constellation has learned valuable lessons in every phase of energy strategy development

Constellation Energy Projects and Services Group Advisors, LLC is also a registered Municipal Advisor and able to assist governmental agencies with financing energy management strategies. 

Proven Public Sector Expertise

Constellation has established a proven record of helping federal, state, and local agencies develop energy strategies over the past two decades. Highlights include:

  • Serving over 383 federal agencies and institutions
  • Providing 1.5 term renewable energy credits to federal agencies
  • Federally-approved provide of load response services
  • One of only 16 organizations selected by the DOE as a Super Energy Savings Performance Contract Supplier
  • Leadership Award recipient from the National Council for Public Private Partnerships
  • NAESCO Accredited Energy Service Provider