Innovative Thinking, Practical Results

Today's demands require a more creative, integrated approach, using a holistic view to form a long-term strategy in which accessibility, streamlining, and bottom-line performance are priorities.

Public-Private Partnerships

Government agencies can explore new approaches to existing contract vehicles. This includes:

  • Engaging inter-agency partnerships to achieve clean energy goals
  • Long-term budget management
  • Compliance with MBE/WMBE requirements
  • Effective methods to reduce capital outlay for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

Federal & State Contracting Vehicles

There are numerous federal and state contracting vehicles available. As a holder of multiple long-term energy specific contracting vehicles, Constellation can specifically design each contract to simplify the process, reduce lead-time for purchases, and lower overall costs and risk.

Other ways to finance energy management strategies are through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs), and support from government loans, grants, as well as state and federal incentives.

Government customers can work with us to determine the best contracting vehicles to finance energy strategies that are specific to an institution's unique needs.