Products & Services Available in Michigan

Did you know that Michigan residents served by Consumers Energy and MichCon (DTE) can shop for natural gas just like you shop for a new TV or mobile phone?

Michigan residents may be able to save on their energy bill by choosing a company like Constellation Energy or one of its subsidiaries.

Natural Gas

Constellation Energy provides residential natural gas plans to Consumers Energy and MichCon (DTE) customers in Michigan, through its subsidiary Constellation. Our plans include:

  • Fixed price plans that offer price protection against rate volatility
  • Hassle free switching – no service interruption, no sign up fees, no change to your billing process
  • A chance to earn some extra cash. If you refer a friend, when they sign up, you'll get $25 -- and so will your friend
  • An easy sign up process – if you have a copy of your energy bill, you can do it right now in 9 minutes or less


Natural Gas

Have your current utility bill handy? You’re on your way to controlling your energy cost.

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Michigan Natural Gas Choice Fast Facts

Constellation knows that natural gas is an important part of everyday life in homes across North America. And with natural gas rates steadily rising, consumers are paying more attention to their how much they use, and how much they pay. In fact, a one-penny difference in your rate could add up to $30 to your bill over the course of a year!

Here are some quick facts about Constellation’s offers in Michigan:

  • Constellation works hard to provide excellent customer service. Learn more about the customer golden rule
  • Constellation also works to keep natural gas offers simple, providing low-cost natural gas rates that are presented clearly in "Therms." Have questions? View FAQs
  • Signing up is easy. All you need is your energy bill and you can do it right now in 9 minutes or less. Get Started