On-site Natural Gas Resource

Energy is one of the top five operating costs for most businesses and has an important part to play in your overall business strategy.  Many customers are looking to manage, understand, and reduce costs by exploring options across their energy footprint.

Through a strategic relationship with Public Energy, a leading distributed energy provider, Constellation is now offering an on-site natural gas-fired Distributed Energy Resource (DER) solution to lower energy costs and increase resiliency and reliability for large commercial customers.  Public Energy will finance, operate, and maintain the generation sites.      

Public Energy and Constellation will use your interval meter and billing data to maximize your savings by optimizing the size of the onsite power and its operating schedule. You simply lease all equipment as a line item on your Constellation Natural Gas bill.  

Customer Benefits 

  • Lower energy costs by 10-30% 
  • Increased resiliency and reliability   
  • Reduced operating expenses 
  • One simple monthly bill 
  • Reduce carbon footprint by displacing coal generation 

Solution Overview  

  • No upfront capital costs  
  • All maintenance and support  managed by Public Energy  
  • High-reliability, customer sited Distributed Energy Resource (DER) 
  • Seamless installation – container built off-site  
  • Fixed monthly price over contract term 
  • Grid connection is maintained
  • Power supply maintained in grid outages

As one of the nation’s leading competitive energy providers, Constellation has the expertise to provide resources to help build customized strategies for your unique business needs. Through our network of strategic relationships and technology ventures, you have access to innovative solutions that not only help you develop your long-term sustainability and energy solutions—but could also have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Contact us today for a custom savings analysis for distributed energy at your facility.