It's Your Choice: Electricity and Natural Gas Suppliers in New York State

Residential Plans

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New York is a state of options. Residents can choose between the arts and culture of urban settings like New York City, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, the great outdoors found in the majestic hills of the Adirondacks and Catskills, or the waters of the mighty Hudson River and the Finger Lakes. Even the weather provides various options. Four seasons allow New York residents to experience everything from the harshest of snows and cold to summer humidity and heat.

New Yorkers also have the power to choose the New York energy companies they want to supply their homes and businesses. You can choose the best New York electric and gas supplier for your finances and energy needs. Controlling your budget is a way to take charge of the atmosphere inside your home, no matter what Mother Nature is creating outside. That's the proverbial energy win-win!

Your power? Your choice.

Here's what living in a competitive energy marketplace means. Before the energy marketplace was opened up, residents had one utility. That utility provided the electricity supply, billed you and took care of any power outages. You had one option and one option only for your energy.

Now you have more energy choices. You can choose among New York energy companies to find the one you want to supply your electricity at a rate that works best for your family. Here's how it works: You find the New York natural gas supplier or New York electricity provider whose rate best fits your family's household budget and energy needs. The utility takes over from there — with no break in service — by continuing to deliver the energy, bill you and handle any potential power outages that might occur.

While more players are involved than in the days of one utility and one utility only, choosing your New York energy companies doesn't have to be complicated. Making the switch, whether it's natural gas or electricity services, is easy. We're here to help you better manage your energy usage and find the natural gas supplier or retail electric supplier that best fits your household budget and energy needs. Yes, you have energy choices, but making the switch is easy. Here's how Constellation can help.

Constellation's breadth of coverage. Constellation provides electricity supply in six New York utility areas — Central Hudson, Con EdisonNational Grid, New York State Electric & Gas Corp. (NYSEG), Orange and Rockland, and Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E). Because Constellation provides electricity supply in all of these NY utility areas, we can offer natural gas and electricity plans to homes virtually anywhere in New York state. Choose Constellation and you're ready to get going with the energy company that works for your household.

Constellation's fixed rates. Constellation keeps life simple and makes it easier for consumers to compare pricing. That's why Constellation's NY electric rates are all fixed-price plans.

Constellation residential New York electric services all offer:

  • Hassle-free switching with no service interruptions
  • A 90-day customer satisfaction period with no early termination fee
  • Exceptional customer service — timely, personal responses to all questions or concerns
  • A variety of fixed-price plans to fit your budget and your electricity needs in NY

In addition to its electricity plans, Constellation is a retail natural gas supplier with statewide coverage options. All plans offer a fixed price on the gas supply rate with a variety of budget options to fit your personal energy and financial needs.

Constellation residential New York natural gas plans also all offer:

  • Fixed-price plans that offer price protection against potential rate volatility.
  • Hassle-free switching — no service interruption, no change to your billing process.
  • A chance to earn some extra cash. If you refer a friend, you'll receive $50 — and so will your friend.
  • An easy sign-up process — if you have a copy of your energy bill, you can do it quickly right now.

Going solar in New York

The energy choices go beyond picking a New York electric provider or New York natural gas supplier. Constellation also offers NY residents interested in renewable energy the option to go solar.* We work with Sunrun, which has been providing quality solar panels to homes across America for the last 17 years. You can rest easy knowing Sunrun will monitor the solar panel system performance, provide full insurance and a money-back performance guarantee.

Getting started is as easy as answering these three questions:

  • Do you own your own home?
  • Does your roof have good sun exposure and is in good condition?
  • Do you spend on average $100 a month on your electricity bill?

Get started exploring adding solar power to your home now.  

Why where you live matters in your energy budget

New York may be a four-season state, but it really has five different climates. And Constellation can help you better manage your energy budget no matter what's happening with the weather outside your window.

Downstate includes New York City and Long Island and is typically the warmest. Hudson Valley/Catskills, Adirondacks/Seaway, Finger Lakes and Central New York, and Western New York are the other regions, all with their own weather twists. Some parts of NY have summer conditions with temperatures that hover in the 90s with accompanying humidity levels that don't feel much lower. In January and February, though, much of the state's temperatures fall below freezing, with the upper elevations of the Adirondacks and the more northern areas around Buffalo and Rochester often registering temperatures below zero, especially when wind chill is factored in. On average, the warmest month in the state is July, the coolest is January, April is the wettest month, and October is the driest month.

Knowing your local weather pattern can help you better plan your energy budget needs, no matter where you live in New York State. Eliminate end-of-the-month bill surprises by signing up for the natural gas or electricity plan that makes the most sense for your household now!

Who to call in case of a power outage:

Each New York utility has numbers to call and online options for notifying it of a power outage. Many also have apps or websites where consumers can easily check outage status. Here are the links for easy access if you've lost power.

Central Hudson Phone: 1-845-452-2700

Con Edison Phone (electricity): 1-800-752-6633

National Grid Phone: 1-800-867-5222

Orange and Rockland Phone: 1-877-434-4100

RG&E Phone: 1-800-743-1701

Natural gas emergencies:

Natural gas emergencies require quick action to protect all involved. If you smell gas, get out of the area, and call your New York natural gas company immediately.

Who to call in case of a natural gas emergency:

Central Hudson Phone: 1-800-942-8274

Con Edison Phone (gas emergencies): 1-800-752-6633

NYSEG Phone: 1-800-572-1121

National Fuel 1-800-444-3130

National Grid 1-800-867-5222

Orange and Rockland 1-800-533-5325


*Offer only available in select areas of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and the PSEG utility territory in New Jersey. Restrictions apply. Residential solar system provided by Sunrun, Inc. CSLB number 969975. Sunrun standard customer eligibility requirements apply.